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Invictus 2018 CrossFit Open Visualizations

Invictus 2018 CrossFit Open Visualizations

For the fourth year in a row, we are releasing audio Visualizations done by Dr. Heidi Barker that will be custom to each CrossFit Open workout. These visualizations will prepare you to go into the workout calm and with a sense of confidence, enabling you to perform your best.

We are firm believers that visualization and meditation are components of every elite athlete’s performance toolbox. These performance visualizations will calm your mind before completing the weekly CrossFit Open workouts. You will receive the weekly visualization to your inbox Thursday night (while you are sleeping) and ready for you before you tackle the Open workouts. 

Only after athletes are calm can we bring them back up to focus on eliciting optimal performance. 

*All audio files will be sent via noreply@sendowl.com. Please make sure you add this e-mail address to your contacts or safe list in your e-mail server. If you do not see your purchase in your inbox, check your Spam folder. 

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