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Invictus Lower Body Accessory Program

Invictus Lower Body Accessory Program

Are you someone who skips leg day? Do you have a Popeye chest stacked on top of peg legs? Well, let us tell you, the legs feed the wolf and this lower body accessory program is no exception to that!

Let us help you strengthen your base and give you a solid foundation to stack the rest of your body on!

What You Get with the Program: If you’re looking to get a stronger and more powerful lower body, smash your old PR’s, or just build a better foundation, this Lower Body Accessory Program is exactly what you need.

During this program we’ll be focusing on improving all facets of your lower body. From pure strength, to strength endurance, both anterior and posterior, this will be your go-to accessory work for years to come!

Our Lower Body Accessory program could be the missing link to your training! With this program you will receive:

  • 6 days of training focusing on your lower body: Squats, Deadlifts, Endurance, etc.
  • Each session can be completed BEFORE, AFTER, or even AS your primary training, and in only 30-45 minutes.
  • Is a perfect supplement to all training programs (Olympic Lifting, CrossFit, Bodybuilding, and more!)
  • The program also comes with a write up explaining the focus and importance of this specific type of training.