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[eBook] The Invictus Mindset: An Athlete's Guide To Mental Toughness

  • [eBook] The Invictus Mindset: An Athlete's Guide To Mental Toughness
  • [eBook] The Invictus Mindset: An Athlete's Guide To Mental Toughness

[eBook] The Invictus Mindset: An Athlete's Guide To Mental Toughness

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Most athletes invest a great deal of their time, effort, and resources in developing their physical body. Precise nutrition plans, customized training programs, specialty skill coaches, training camps, and continuous bodywork are just some of the common areas where athletes will spend a large portion of their resources. However, how much time do you put towards developing your mindset? Your mind is arguably the most powerful tool in your arsenal as an athlete yet so many leave this area untouched in their training and arrive on game day psychologically unprepared. We have been extremely fortunate at Invictus to have the opportunity to coach clients ranging from the complete beginner to world-class performers. The common denominator among our most successful clients and athletes is their unconquerable mindset.

What Is The Invictus Mindset?

“An individual’s outlook and resilience during the worst of times is the difference between those who succeed and those who succumb. The Invictus mindset is a commitment to maintaining control of your destiny without regard for the obstacles and hardships that are laid on your path.” – C.J. Martin

We’ve pulled together our decades of combined coaching experience to create our first ever eBook, "The Invictus Mindset: An Athlete's Guide To Mental Toughness." Our team has created this book for anyone who wants to improve their mental toughness and develop an unconquerable mindset. In this book, we provide you with some basic theory and philosophy regarding mental toughness, as well as ways to practically implement these ideas into your training. If you want to improve your performance and sharpen your mental game, this book is for you.

Here’s What’s Included:

* The Invictus Mindset eBook. 

Inside you’ll find over 130-pages of wisdom from some of our expert coaches and competitive athletes on how to prepare yourself for training and competition. You’ll learn about the five pillars of mental toughness and some simple techniques you can implement into your training right away to improve your mental game.

*Essays on Mental Toughness from World-Class Coaches and Athletes.

We have included a collection of essays written by Invictus coaches and athletes that expound upon the unconquerable mindset that has become the signature of the Invictus athlete. You’ll learn what goes through their mind on the arena floor and the training tools they used to get there.

* Exclusive Guided Visualization by Invictus Athlete Camp Coach Heidi Fearon. 

Heidi’s visualizations have been our secret weapon in preparing athletes for success in training and competition. Now you’ll get to experience Heidi’s guided visualization any time you would like with the downloadable audio we’ve included.

*Set Goals You Will Achieve. 

You’ll learn the goal setting process used by Invictus athletes to achieve levels of success never thought possible. We’ve included a worksheet to help guide you through the goal setting process and get clear on what you want to achieve, and how you will succeed in doing so.